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WTS! Spring Cleaning

Spring Sale╭★

I want to sell many things realated to Visual Kei, JPop and Japanese and Korean Clothing!
I ship worlwide (from Germany)!


- Payment international: Paypal [paypal fees ( 3,9% + 0,35 Euro) are not included]
- Shipping cost are not included
- Payment in €

over 50 poster for sale!
10% off for buyers who pay in March!

GEO Nudy violet

Visual Kei & Gothic/Punk Lolita Clothing & Kigurumi
lots of clothing is waiting for you~

Korean Fashion
sweet korean dresses for sale!

each Flyer is 1€
10% off for buyers who pay in March!

Visual Kei & J-Pop Magazines
Shoxx, ShoxxBis. Arena, Neo and more!
10% off for buyers who pay in March!

Calender Pages The Gazette 2007 & 2008  & Miyavi 2008
50€ for 2008 calenders if you pay in March!

The Gazette, AnCafe, SID, Miyavi, DIO, SUG and more~

Visual Kei CDs
The Gazette, Miyavi, AnCafe. SUG & Dio

Thank you ! :D

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